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3 pairs of beautifully balanced rosé from Provence, Bordeaux and the Cotes de Thongue.

Chateau Escarelle, Palm Rosé, Provence x2

Chateau de L’Escarelle of one of the most prestigious wine estates in the heart of Provence, with 100 hectares of organically certified vineyards set in 1,000 hectares of beautiful woodland. An easy-drinking fresh and dry rosè that will make it perfect for an aperitif or enjoyed with tapas, a tasty pizza or a little charcuterie. Grenache 60% Syrah 20% Cinsault 20%

Chateau La Tour de By, Rosé, Bordeaux x2

Bright red fruit, a lovely herbal backbone, with firm, ripe tannins and a delicate long finish. Bandol-esque! 

Mont d Hortes, Rosé, Cotes de Thongue x2

A delightful 30-hectare property owned and run by the expert oenologist Monsieur Roc Anglade. All the wines are Côte de Thongue, Indication Géographique Protégée, and the vineyards are located 60km southwest of Montpellier, very close to the sea. None of the wines goes through malolactic fermentation in order to retain acidity and freshness and no wood is used. The rosé is really delicious and great value for such quality. A great source for single domain wines at very reasonable prices.