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`No Fine Print` is an exciting project from legendary American music veterans Pat Corcoran and Tim Smith.

Inspired by a love of restaurants and his experience of Chicago hospitality, Pat travelled to Sonoma, where he formed a relationship with brothers Andrew and Adam Mariani, who manage Scribe Winery.

Pat wanted to create a wine that he could share with restaurants in his native Chicago, and in 2018 his ‘hobby’ started to gain serious traction, with the UK becoming the first export market in 2022. The Cabernet Sauvignon is made from grapes sourced from the sandy soils of Lodi, where the maritime influence from the Delta gives the appellation a Mediterranean climate, lending a balance of both fruit-forward ripeness and acidity to the wine.

A delicious balance of fruit-forward ripeness and fresh acidity. This wine has a bright, black fruit character along with a rich, round mouthfeel.