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Grapes are sourced from FdeC's partners vineyards in the Jerez district. The soil type is Albariza. Picking takes place in early September. The wine is made from the first pressing of grapes, this gives a light fresh style. Fermentation takes place at relatively high temperatures to reduce fruit flavour. This makes a very neutral wine which is perfect for the production of sherry. The wine undergoes malolactic fermentation. In the February after harvest the wine is fortified with grape brandy up to 15% abv. Once at this stage the wine is then added to the youngest Criadera in the Solera. The wine then begins its ageing process under flor. Only 20% of finished wine can be removed from the Solera in one year. The average age of the Fino solera is 4-4.5 years old. En Rama is bottled only in Spring and Autumn, when the flor is thickest. Each bottle is marked with the bottling date. 'En Rama' wines are bottled largely unfiltered and unfined - straight from the barrel - to preserve the intensity and complexity of the wine.

This Sherry is golden - darker than a normal fino as it has not been carbon-filtered. The aroma of fresh yeast leaps out of the glass, like standing in a bakery! Intensely nutty and savoury on the palate with a distinct character of fresh bread and a salty tang. Dry, with a bitter twist. This is a serious wine, long, complex and extremely flavourful. Best enjoyed at 6-8 degrees C.

This is superb with food - served chilled with salted almonds, light fish dishes or seafood tapas. Perfect with salt cod (Bacalao), Iberian ham and fried hake.