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Tamerán was set up in 2019, by footballer, and Canary Islands native, David Silva. David became friends with Jonathan García (owner and winemaker at Suertes del Marqués) after enjoying one of his wines, and discussed the possibility of a project together. When an estate on Gran Canaria, which included six hectares of vineyards came up for sale, David asked Jonathan to come on-board as viticulturalist and winemaker. The vineyards are planted with local varieties including Verdello, Marmajuelo, Baboso Blanco, Vijariego Blanco, Malvasía Aromática, Malvasía Volcánica and Vijariego Negro. Located between 600 and 700 metres above sea level, on south facing slopes, with sandy volcanic soils. The winemaking is low-touch – fermentation in barrel with native yeasts, followed by ageing in large format barrels. The idea is to produce refreshing, mineral wines which speak to the unique microclimate, volcanic soils and native grapes of the island. They have got off to a flying start, the first vintage received plaudits and the highest scores ever for wines from the island in Guía Peñín.

Malvasía Volcánica is a lesser-spotted grape variety, a cross of Malvasía Aromática and Marmajuelo; it produces a chalky, saline and citrusy wine. A distinctive salty nose with taught minerality and smokiness. On the palate, it’s very fresh and focused, with fresh lime and grapefruit juice notes balanced by saline saltiness.