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Young winemaker César Márquez has deep family roots in the Bierzo region. His introduction to winemaking was via uncle Raul (Pérez). And as an apprenticeship has worked in the family wineries, and spent time in Mendoza with the Michelini brothers. For his own project, started in 2015, he is exploring the possibilities of a Burgundy-inspired classification system in Bierzo. He works a number of parcels of over 100 year old bush vines around Valtuille de Abajo. The winemaking in all his reds is quite similar, aiming to express the origin of the grapes over the winemaking process. In a nutshell, Mencía grapes – plus a little Garnacha Tintorera which grows in between – are partially destemmed and fermented in open barriques. Post-fermentation macerations are normally quite long, after which, all wines spend 12 months in old barrels without any racking or top ups before being released the following winter. Each has a different expression based on their soils, altitudes and expositions. His fresh, expressive Mencías show the promise of this grape in the right place and hands.